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Property owners in Nevada have a duty to exercise reasonable care to ensure their premises are safe for visitors. When they fail do so, accidents and injuries can result. If you have been hurt in an accident on someone else’s property, contact The Janda Law Firm to speak with our Las Vegas premises liability lawyer today. You may have the right to file a premises liability claim for compensation.

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  • Founding Dr. Paul Janda is a neurologist as well as a lawyer. Our medical background gives us a comprehensive understanding of complex medical evidence and how trauma affects the spinal cord and the brain, a distinct advantage in managing your case.
  • With our medical experience, we can research injury cases quickly and determine the full scope of the damages associated with your injuries, so we can pursue the maximum compensation on your behalf.
  • We are familiar with the tactics defense experts employ and know how to counter them in settlement negotiations or in court.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a legal concept. It comes into play in certain personal injury cases involving injury caused by an unsafe or defective condition on someone else’s property. Premises liability cases are based on negligence. To recover compensation, you must prove that the property owner was negligent, or failed to use reasonable care in connection with ownership or maintenance of the property. To prove negligence, you must show that the property owner knew, or should have reasonably known, about the unsafe condition on the premises and failed to take the steps necessary to remedy the problem.

Types of Premises Liability Cases In Las Vegas

A wide range of personal injury cases may be classified as premises liability matters. Examples include:

What Are the Elements of a Premises Liability Claim in Nevada?

The owner is not necessarily responsible for every case in which a person is injured on someone else’s property. According to the Nevada Revised Statutes, to have a premises liability claim in Nevada, the following elements must exist in the case:

  • The injured party (plaintiff) had permission from the property owner to be on the premises.
  • A hazardous condition existed on the property.
  • The property owner caused, knew about, or should have reasonably known about the dangerous condition.
  • The plaintiff was injured because of the hazardous condition.

Why You Need a Las Vegas Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability law can be complex, even in the most straightforward cases of injury sustained through property owner negligence. Recent changes to state law have made it even more difficult for injured people. If you have been seriously hurt on a property belonging to another person or entity, your best course of action is to consult with an experienced Las Vegas injury attorney as soon as possible.

At The Janda Law Firm, we can thoroughly investigate your accident, collect and preserve evidence, determine liability, craft strong legal strategies, assess the full extent of your losses, negotiate skillfully on your behalf, and fight for the compensation you deserve in court, if necessary.

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If you have sustained serious injuries on someone else’s property, you may have a premises liability claim for compensation. Contact The Janda Law Firm as soon as possible to arrange for a free consultation with a Las Vegas premises liability attorney who is also a board-certified neurologist.