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Nevada Concussion Lawyer

A concussion is a brain injury that can arise after a bump or blow to the head. A concussion can cause temporary to permanent symptoms depending on its severity. In Nevada, if someone else caused you or a loved one’s concussion, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Contact The Janda Law Firm for a free consultation about your injury claim at our local Clark County law firm. We do not charge anything upfront for our legal services.

Why Choose Our Award-Winning Nevada Concussion Lawyer?

  • Our lead lawyer is Nevada’s only neurologist that practices law. Dr. Paul Janda’s extensive medical background gives him unique insights into brain injuries.
  • Our neurology expertise gives us an edge during concussion injury claims in Nevada. We know how to fight for the maximum possible compensation for our clients.
  • Our law firm accepts Nevada concussion claims on a contingency fee basis. We only charge legal fees if and when we win a case.

Do You Need a Concussion Lawyer in Nevada?

It is common for insurance companies to downplay claimants’ injuries – especially those that will have catastrophic or life-changing consequences. If you or a loved one has a severe concussion, it is important to hire an attorney to take over settlement negotiations for you. A Nevada personal injury attorney can make sure an insurance company takes your claim seriously and offers a reasonable amount for your losses. You can concentrate on your physical and mental recovery while your lawyer pursues a positive case outcome on your behalf.

What Is a Concussion? What Are the Symptoms?

A concussion can lead to the temporary or permanent loss of regular brain function. It is an injury to the brain due to trauma or a mechanical force. Concussions are common brain injuries, especially among youth that play sports. Some common causes of concussions include sports, diving accidents, falls, motor vehicle collisions, falling objects, acts of violence, abuse, birth injuries and medical malpractice. A concussion can cause symptoms such as dizziness, loss of consciousness, headache, confusion, memory loss, nausea, vomiting and fatigue. A victim with a concussion may require bed rest to recover. A concussion can lead to physical pain, emotional distress, medical bills and lost wages.

Do You Have a Concussion Injury Claim?

Someone may owe you financial compensation for your concussion in Nevada if he or she could have prevented your brain injury with a reasonable amount of care. If a driver should not have been texting at the time of your auto accident, for example, that driver might owe you compensation. The attorneys at The Janda Law Firm can help you seek recovery from a defendant for the costs of tangible and intangible damages.

  • Existing and foreseeable medical bills.
  • Lost wages and ability to earn.
  • Temporary or permanent disability costs.
  • Physical pain, suffering and discomfort.
  • Emotional anguish, distress, grief and humiliation.
  • Property damage repairs, if applicable.
  • Any money you spent out of pocket.
  • Punitive damages for the defendant’s gross negligence.

Receiving fair financial recovery for your concussion may take help from a lawyer. Find out if you have a claim for your concussion today during a free consultation in Clark County. Attorney Dr. Paul Janda can use his medical expertise to quickly review your claim, calculate the value of your case and help you fight for full compensation from one or more at-fault parties in Nevada.

Contact a Nevada Concussion Attorney Today

The steps you take after a concussion in an accident in Nevada can determine your financial future. Before you accept the first settlement an insurance company offers you, contact Dr. Paul Janda for a free consultation. We can give you an accurate case evaluation at no cost. You may find the insurance company is offering you less than your brain injury demands. Speak to Neurologist-Attorney Dr. Paul Janda for in-depth information about your concussion case. Request a meeting in Clark County at (702) 758-8888.